Question by  skasino (12)

What color shirt can you wear with green khakis?


Answer by  mjl10 (282)

Green khakis go with just about anything, but you would do well to stay away from wearing more green on top. A nice black or beige button-down would be your best best. Depending on your skin coloring and the particular shade, you might be able to get away with yellow, blue, or grey.


Answer by  aringer (33)

I love a brown shirt with green khakis. A black shirt is also another good choice. White would be another option, depending on the style of the shirt.


Answer by  Cathy65 (652)

The best color shirts to wear with green khakis would be tan, beige or brown. Any variation of tan, beige or brown would look nice and match well with green.


Answer by  hpfan04 (216)

I think a beige shirt would look best with green khaki pants. You could also wear a white shirt or a black shirt, or possibly a very light tan colored shirt.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

Try wearing white, off white, cream, light or pale yellow, red, pink, black, almost any color within this range. Avoid greens, orange, blue or any color that will clash with green.

Reply by baitch (2):
red should be in that category with things you should avoid  add a comment

Answer by  ewam (403)

Well to be honest, green khakis is pushing it as it is. I'm not sure how the general public would feel about a color of the rainbow as pants. Unless you're a young teenager going through "that stage. " But, if your green khakis are a must, I would stick to white, black, or brown? No red or purple.

Reply by baitch (2):
terrible advice. dont listen to this^ green khakis are not only for teenagers going through "that stage" whatever that means. They are very fashionable and can look good with many other colours.  add a comment
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