Question by  caluwi (199)

What color jewelry looks best with a red dress?


Answer by  Moi (88)

Pearls, golds and other reds look really great with a red dress, but you can also wear other stones and/or metals, depending on what color shoes you wear.


Answer by  A22 (40)

Silver jewelry are best suited for a red dress. If the dress is grand, it is better to keep the jewelry simple to give an air of elegance. Matching silver high-heels would be a great complement.


Answer by  answerqueen (564)

Silver toned metals (i. e. sterling silver, platinum, white gold) with clear stones such as diamonds or black jewelry such as black onyx. Gold tones will look too yellow with red.


Answer by  phil9745 (160)

A simple string of pearls as a necklace to start with. The reflective quality of a nice string will make them appear rather pinkish to complement your red dress.


Answer by  Shelley59 (68)

My opinion is that silver jewelry looks best with a red dress. Seems to me that gold blends in with the red and silver makes a pop.

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