Question by  bederson (22)

What classes do you need to take to be an anesthesiologist?


Answer by  DaffodilPetals (105)

Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physics, calculus, biology, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, higher level math, communication, computer literacy, English, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, pathology, medical ethics, laws governing medicine, psychiatry, surgery, gynecology.


Answer by  Nadine (206)

You need to graduate from high school and get a 4 year bachelors degree. Next you need to go to medical school. After that you begin residency where you will learn specialties including anesthesiology.


Answer by  SallyJ64 (3121)

An anesthesiologist is a doctor so in addtion to a bachelors degree you will also have to get into medical school and complete a medical degree program. To get prepared to enter med school you should study and follow a pre-med in an undergraduate program and take your medical entrance exams.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Anesthesiology is a medical specialty. After college and four years of medical school (MD or DO) and a year of internship, candidates can apply for a residency in anesthesiology, which can last up to four years. There are additional programs and subspecialties. Anesthesiologists are licensed physicians and board-certified in their specialty.


Answer by  JHanft (62)

You need to take all the classes needed for a Pre-Med degree, then go to medical school and take those classes, and then do your residency.


Answer by  Rinda (121)

To become an anesthesiologist, it's necessary to obtain a college degree, usually with a pre-med major, then complete 4 years of medical school. That is followed by a 1-year internship and 3-year residency during which the doctor specializes in anesthesiology.


Answer by  John (9008)

An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor who has specialized training. Thus, you have to complete all of the courses required for a college degree and for medical school.


Answer by  John (9008)

You have to become a medical doctor. This means completing a bachelor's degree, including all of the prerequisites for medical school. After that, you have to gain admission to medical school and finish, which takes another four years. Lastly, you have to successfully complete a residency in anesthesiology. This all takes several years.


Answer by  joebob31 (622)

To be an anesthesiologist you need to be accepted to medical school and do very well. They are the highest paid doctors around. Mostly because anyone can knock someone out but its hard to wake them back up. Best bet is to work and study hard and maybe you'll make it.

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