Question by  ashleyeve (15)

I had a baby four months ago. I breastfeed exclusively. Should I be concerned that I'm not having a period?

I've never had any complications or health problems.


Answer by  housemama (69)

Often if you are exclusively breastfeeding, you may not have a period. This is completely normal. Some women do not get their period back until they have weaned their baby. Others get it right away, and still more get it back with the introduction of solid food. Just remember that no period does not equal no ovulation. Use birth control!


Answer by  anniekiefera (359)

No, you should not be concerned because when you breast feed your body produces a hormone called oxytocin that usually is enough to suppress a womens ovulation period in your menstrual cycle. if you are not ovulating then there is no need to have a period ever, let alone every month,

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