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Question by  shadow1010089 (31)

What can you tell me av out post cholecystectomy and consumption of alcohol?

I recently had a cholecytectomy and would like to have something to drink.


Answer by  Mrscmrn (1449)

Alcohol is not metabolized by the gall bladder so having a cholecytectomy would not make a difference in alcohol consumption. One thing that would be important to know is are you still taking any pain medication post surgery? If you are taking pain medicine then you should NOT drink alcohol. Alchohol and pain medication is a dangerous combination.


Answer by  angie1374 (16)

Alcohol consumption may increase acid reflux in some patients who have had a cholecystectomy, therefore leaving patients with a feeling of heartburn, indigestion, bloating, and nausea. Avoiding alcohol is recommended.


Answer by  thornbird (26)

I would abstain from consumption of alcohol for at least 6 weeks following your gallbadder surgery. After that, moderate intake should be okay. Avoid high fat and acidic foods and drinks.


Answer by  marcia (228)

drinking after cholecystectomy should not be bothersome unless you are already experiencing loose stools due to the procedure, in which case alcohol could exacerbate this problem.


Answer by  Lu (78)

It depends on how recent your surgery was, if still on pain meds, no alcohol. If off meds and cleared by MD moderate alcohol consumption should be fine.

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