Question by  Empathy (51)

What can you tell me about the wiring for a three prong dryer?

I need help with my dryer wiring.


Answer by  mandriloquai (324)

Three prong "Y" plugs are rated 220/240V. The bottom, single prong is your neutral line. The other two are L1 and L2 ("live" 110V). Always install with a certified electrician.


Answer by  Blaire (7)

You can take the cover off of your dryer, and you can inspect your dryer's wiring. Just make sure that it is not plugged in. If you find that your electrical problem appears to be too complicated for what you can handle, you should consider hiring a professional. Electronics can be dangerous and are sometimes better left to professionals.


Answer by  budweiserhans (49)

If you have no knowledge of household electricity DON'T DO IT. The 2 straight prongs are the hot leads.The round or u shaped lead is the ground and is the center wire in the flat 3 wire cord. Hook the ground to the middle lug. The other 2 are interchangable


Answer by  noodles101 (238)

In a three prong wire, the third prong on the plug is not nessecary, it simply exists as a grounder.


Answer by  SallyJ (1010)

If the dryer cord has colored wires, then the white wire is neutral. Connect this wire to the middle connector of the terminal block. The red and black wires are live wires. These connect to the two outer connections. The ground strap or green wire jumper connects from the middle to the dryer frame.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well you know what it is a very hard task to do by yourself. I don't recommend wiring it. It can be very dangerous as well. So if you do want to change the wiring, you may ask help from a technician. They will sort it out for your benefit.


Answer by  JW (48)

A three prong outlet runs off of 208 volts. On the terminal block the center is ground and the other two are phases. The two phases can be interchanged.

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