Question by  sungirl325 (22)

What can I do if my dryer has three wires and I need four prongs?

I am trying to work on my dryer with three wires, and four prongs.


Answer by  tsuerob (175)

Go to a home improvement store and tell them you need a four prong cable for your dryer and they will answer any questions you may have, it's a pretty simple to switch the thee prong cable to a four prong cable. You will need some basic tools like a screwdriver in order to replace the cable.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

I had this problem when I moved and it turns out you just need to go to the hardware store and buy a new plug and replace the old one.


Answer by  samsheedali2000 (152)

You can check first how many wires are there for your dryer,may be teo or three,if three wires are there that's better to use,because also "earth" connection will be there,otherwise you can use as it is with multiplug.

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