Question by  Kira (20)

Can you explain three prong and four prong cord conversion?

I need to understand 3 and 4 prong conversion.


Answer by  lwetzel2003 (37)

A four prong plug can be changed to to a three prong cord by connecting the ground and neutral wires together on the applince. You can also use a 4 prong cord on an older 3 prong appliance by connecting the ground and neutral of the cord onto the same terminal.


Answer by  blais (55)

4 prong contains not only a ground and two load wires (power wires) but also a neutral wire. Some devices need a neutral wire to because one aspect of the device require 110 voltage. So you need to know where the neutral would hook up or if it's needed.


Answer by  ng15 (115)

I moved new dryer (4-prong plug) to an old house with a 3-prong receptacle. There is "adapter" or must I re-wire either the dryer plug or house.

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