Question by  cabguy (13)

What can you tell me about the inuit Indians?


Answer by  onmyheart (91)

Inuit Indians inhabit Alaska, Canada and Greenland. They are classified under the Eskimo-Aleut languages. An Inuit man, or person, is called and Inuk. In the United States, they live on the north slope of Alaska, where they are generally called Eskimos.


Answer by  KAS (393)

They are indigenous peoples from the artic regions of Canada. They speak the Eskimo/Aleut languages. They are descendants of the Thule culture. They are huner and fishers with a diet high in protein. They bred Husky dogs and wolves for sled transportation. Inuit insustry relied mostly upon mostly animal hides.


Answer by  Archaeogirl (17)

The Inuit (an Inuktitut word meaning 'The People') inhabit the Arctic coastal region of Canada. Their traditional nomadic hunting culture revolved around the migration patterns of caribou and seasonal availability of seals.

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