Question by  momofthreeandcounting (15)

What can you tell me about installing thin set porcelain tiles?

I need to install thin set porcelain tiles.


Answer by  stevelb22 (32)

To instll tiles with thinset you need to cover the floor with thinset using the correct sized trowel based on the size of tiles you are laying.


Answer by  shantri (142)

Before permanently cementing you porcelain tiles, make sure you lay it out first to see how it look likes. Use gloves as some tiles are sharp on the edges due to manufacturing problems. Once you put the tiles in place, don't let the excess cement dry on it's surface. Wipe it out while it's wet.


Answer by  Vanasatchy (816)

Installing thin set of procelain tiles is very cheap comparing to instalation of stones. This can be done very fast within a day or so


Answer by  Bryan (77)

You have to be careful would recommend hiring someone to do this for you. If not would tell you to research this before you attempt to do this yourself. Try libary or internet

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