Question by  Luke (41)

What can you tell me about high performance alternators?

I want to install a high performance alternator in my car.


Answer by  dcameron1021 (104)

A high performance alternator is an alternator that will have a higher specific output than a standard alternator. An example would be the 200 amp units found on ambulances.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

You really don't need a "high performance" alternator unless you are using an incredible large amount of electricity. Unless you run a lot of electric accessories/tools, have a lot of batteries to charge, or have a very powerful stereo you won't benefit from it.


Answer by  bb (674)

these type of alternators tend to be heavier built than a regular one. sometimes they are used on vehicles that have extra accesories.


Answer by  pfrink (80)

The reason high performance alternators are usually installed in cars if for more power. You have to be careful because high performance alternators do send more power through the electrical system, so you do not want to over power the system.


Answer by  senthil34 (169)

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