Question by  worker7137 (20)

What can you tell me about cicada killers?


Answer by  kazmooth (197)

Cicada killer are wasps that hunt cicadas. They are mostly found in forested areas, grasslands, parks and urban gardens. A Cicada killer wasp has an average lifespan of 13 months. They have dark colored wings and six legs. Adult Cicada killer feeds on flower nectar while larvae feeds on cicadas.


Answer by  EveElle (38)

Cicada killers are a non-social wasp (as opposed to yellowjackets or hornets), named because the female wasp paralyzes cicadas and uses them to feed her offspring. Cicadas killers typically live in ground burrows in virtually every tropical to temperate climate. Their prey, cicadas, kill vegetation, and they also drink plant nectar and spread pollen, making them agriculturally important.


Answer by  Sada (8)

Cicada killers are large wasp that belong to the family Crabronidae. In North America, the species Sphecius speciosus is usually referred to as The Cicada Killer.

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