Question by  Tracy74 (229)

What can you tell me about balloon-powered cars?


Answer by  Bellaz (21)

A balloon powered car is a model car, which is propelled by the force of the air exiting from the mouth of a fully blown balloon. The balloon is connected to the car model via a rubber band or whatever you choose and can uses the power of air as fuel to propel the car.


Answer by  69nova (389)

The principle is the same as the balloon cars made by children for fun. On a large scale it would not be a very feasible method to use as a propellant for a vehicle. The size of the balloons needed for even a very lightweight vehicle would be quite large and the distance traveled would be negligible.


Answer by  rueiro (17)

I`ve never heard of balloon powered cars and can only tell you that the name conjours up improbable images of large a pressurised balloon supplying compressed air to the motor of a ridiculously small, bobbing car

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