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Question by  dertr (147)

What can you tell me about achieving a dark burgundy hair color?

I want dark burgundy hair.


Answer by  shijo (861)

It is one of the good colors of your choice. Go for the best product in the market then it will look good for you.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Depending on your hair color, a demi glaze is a good idea as they come out darker then other color rinses, such as semi permanent, provide a wide range of colors, and last a long time.


Answer by  vanessa83 (61)

In order to achieve a dark burgundy hair color you would have to buy a dark burgundy hair dye and match your natural hair color with the colors on the back of the box. You would then have to follow all the specified directions on the box. Depending on your natural hair color it should be relatively easy.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

Of course, this first depends on what color hair you're starting with. If your hair is brown and you're just adding some red, that's not too difficult. If you have light blonde hair, it will be more work. Be sure to use real wine.

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