Question by  DMac (22)

What can you get from understanding Piaget views on parenting, she had a practical view of it?


Answer by  cslhomeagent (34)

First of all, Piaget was a man. He believed that children learned best by experiencing events and using their five senses. I think that this makes his views completely practical because you don't need any special material, just let your kids experience places/events available to you.


Answer by  jolash (12)

From my own perspective , Piaget's view is more theoretical than practical. Children and parents are unique creatures whose behaviour can vary based on circumstances and events. Remember Man is a universal being and has the ability to adapt and modify his behaviour accordingly.


Answer by  pattytyner (61)

First of all Jean Piaget is a man. He broke down his views on children into four basic categories. Birth - 2 is the exploration of the five senses. From 2- 7 children develope thier motor skills. Piaget believed that between 7 - 12 children begin to think logically and 12 and up abstract thinking occurs.


Answer by  monica1976 (23)

Piaget liked to use his children in experiments on intelligence. This helped him come up with his intelligence formula for when different things happens at a different part of a child's life or stages. I think that Piaget was on the right path and I get a sense that he was on the right path from watching my own children.


Answer by  bennysan (25)

Piaget is a French psychologist who studied children and formulated the cognitive development of children. His theory was easy to understand like he showed how a baby can learn.


Answer by  rafiki (14)

That child development occurs in stages and that it is important for parents to recognize each stage. The whole theory seems rhetorical and basic.


Answer by  victoria67 (80)

His views can help one to realize that childhood is a process and that to parent children one must be aware of their stages of abilities. In other words, the parent must put themselves in their children's shoes. There is disagreement as to whether Piaget's many views were accurate.


Answer by  timeismoney (994)

Jean Piaget was a man, as Jean means John in Switzerland where he was born. Piaget's views on mental development explain when children should be able to understand certain problems.

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