Question by  shiniinfosys (13)

What can you do to treat allergies related to Jasmine?

I am very allergic to Jasmine, I get headaches, sinus infections the whole nine yards.


Answer by  Kath (1537)

You can use any typo of allergy medication to treat a Jasmine allergy. You should always avoid Jasmine when possible. Trying to build up a tolerance would also help. Some honey contains Jasmine, read the label and use in moderation. You will start building up a tolerance, and a higher tolerance equals less medication.


Answer by  jajg2626 (104)

You can basically use any type of allergy medicine. I recommend taking sirius and stuff. They really will work and also avoid going near Jasmine. That will help you in the long run.


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

If you do not want to take medications, purchase and use raw honey made from the flowers grown in your area, which needs to include Jasmine. This may help your body build up a tolerance. Believe it or not, my vet recommended it for my dog's allergy!


Answer by  ryanleatherman (78)

I am very allergic to Jasmine. Not only does it make me sneeze and make my nose run, if I use it in the bath I will break out in hives. I wish I could use it because it smells great, but if I smell it ot it blows in the breeze thats it I am sneezing and feeling horrible.

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