Question by  Mik (24)

Can an allergy cause pimples?

I have had lots of pimples recently that I do not normally have. Could it be allergies?


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

Food allergies cannot cause pimples or acne, but if you already have acne, it can make the acne much much worst. Acne is an inflammation and inflammation is an immune system response. When food allergies occur, it activates the immune system which will cause any inflammation currently present to get worst.


Answer by  worker7183 (30)

Yes allergies can most definitely cause pimples, in fact the number one cause for pimples is food allergies. There is not just one type of food allergies that causes pimples.


Answer by  Valentine62 (2131)

The cause could be a reaction to products that you have bought recently. Such as: soaps or a face cream. Examples of this: are burning of the skin and flare-ups.


Answer by  kittymum (142)

Possibly - to be sure, though, it's a process of elimination. Have you changed any of your skin care or bath care products recently, or even your laundry detergent? Your skin may also be reacting to a certain food. I know doctors have said that eating chocolate does not cause pimples, but it does for me, every time.


Answer by  cody412 (114)

No but many allergies can cause different types of dermatitis or skin irritations that look like pimples. These are usually smaller in size and lack the white center that most pimples have. The condition is best treated with a prescription cream obtained from your doctor.


Answer by  Shred (66)

As far as I know, allergies cause hives, not pimples. If you're a teenager, it could be a random influx of hormones. It may also have to do with a change in diet or if you work in an environment that may be greasy (a friend of mine worked in a pizza place and her skin suffered for it).


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

Allergies cause hives not pimples. Are you sure they are pimples? A pure diet high in fat usually cause pimples.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Yes allergies can cause pimples but more commonly bacteria is the cause of the pimples and not allergies. Therefore, you need to get your body checked.


Answer by  nopenope (43)

Pimples are not allergy related, so allergies can not cause them. Other rashes or breakouts can look similar to pimples though. Consult a dermatologist for help.


Answer by  kejal87yahoocom (11)

yes,allergies do cause pimples.this may be coz of some substances not suiting ur skin.sometimes our skin is so sensitive dat it is very prone 2 pimples.having particular kind allergy n nt taking proper precautions vcan lead 2 pimples.for example,some ppl's skin is so sensitive dat if their face soaps get changed 2 other brands,skin wont b able 2take dat brands

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