Question by  Roger44 (115)

What can you do if you fear a child has touched your child in an inappropriate manner?

My child is saying things that concern me regarding a friend of his and some of the games they play.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I would sit down and talk with your child about. Be calm, and make sure to reassure them that everything will be okay.


Answer by  Supermom (107)

If your child says this is occuring at school I'd talk with the teacher or administrator. If it is happening outside of school I'd speak with the child's parent.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

You should take your child to a counsler and have him or her talk with them. After you should contact the police department, have your child examined by a qualified doctor and get family counsling.


Answer by  mano (76)

The touch and its matter of importance does not require age or gender as a constrain. It is our duty to provide our children a safe environment in all means. It is better to advice our children to avoid the habit of his and lead him in a good way.


Answer by  bigwig (654)

Approach the other child's parents about it. They may be disbelieving, so the situation should be handled with tact. You may want to involve a mediator.

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