Question by  flowerlily23 (12)

What can you do about puppies barking too much?


Answer by  sharon4595 (650)

You can put popcorn kerrnels or something like that in a can and shake it near them when they bark.


Answer by  dcrusher59 (590)

If there are more than one puppy's most of the time they are either bored or playing with there siblings and is normal play for a young puppy.


Answer by  boxers3 (550)

To get a puppy to stop barking, you need to teach him to bark on command. He will be rewarded for good deeds but not when it is inappropriate.


Answer by  wendym1597 (224)

you can't really do much, but it depends on the types of dogs you have and how many you have. You could buy a shock collar, and that will help.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

Behavior modification can be used to train the puppy not to bark. Something unpleasant should happen when he barks to teach him not to bark. With some dogs this can mean telling the dog that he is a bad dog. For more stubborn cases, a no-bark collar can be rented or purchased.

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