Question by  Dave78 (80)

What can I do with used T-Mobile phones?

I have 3 of them.


Answer by  FrankFooter (96)

You may be able to donate them to charity or, depending on what model phones they are, you could sell them. Look on the web to see how much your phones sell for (used) and see if it'd be worth it. You also might want to keep one for yourself as a backup in case your current phone stops working.


Answer by  DavidSharif (194)

You can try selling your phones through Craigslist or to a pawnshop. There are many places that offer to recycle old electronics. Some of them even offer a small compensation. I've seen places that offer a couple of dollars or an Amazon gift card. Don't throw them away, though!


Answer by  Littlmama0613 (61)

You can donate them to a local shelter, recycle them or if you want to earn money you can sell them or Best Buy has a trade in program.


Answer by  edog (128)

Well, if they are used and old, you may do good for the environment by recycling them. Otherwise, you may attempt to do some hardware mods to make them more interesting.

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