Question by  DrDon (25)

How often can you upgrade a cell phone?

I'm a customer with Verizon wireless, and I know they have discounted upgrade programs, but would like to know how often I'm allowed to upgrade my phone at these discount prices. I can't afford to pay full price for a new phone.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

You can usually upgrade your phone once a year. If Verizon isn't allowing you to do this, go ahead and switch to another carrier, because everyone else will let you upgrade.


Answer by  Jmcbee (24)

With Verizon they usually have you sign a 2-year agreement whenever you get a new phone. So the answer to your question is every 2 years.


Answer by  Brandon48 (41)

With verizon it depends on how long your contract is. With their one year plan you can upgrade your phone at a discounted price in 10 months from start of contract. With their two year plan you can upgrade in 20 months with even greater discounts.


Answer by  acehuman (19)

i believe the best possibly way to handle that would be to run your contract out sign up for a new contract and get a new phone for free


Answer by  coolness2000 (16)

Discounted prices are dependent on your specific plan. Traditionally you are allowed to upgrade your phone every 2 years (accepting a new 2 year contract).


Answer by  Sender4949 (16)

It is 20 months from the last discounted purchase or annually for rate plans of $59. 99 or more a month. Store manager can override these rules.

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