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Question by  margaret (14)

What can I do to keep my neighbor from trespassing on my property?

I have put up a fence and signs and yet she will not stop trespassing on my property.


Answer by  wally3 (28)

Local codes vary but typically once you have put up the No trespassing sign, your neighbor is legally obligated to comply. Most jurisdictions will require you to first notify her to remain off your property. If she does not comply, you are within your rights to contact law enforcement.


Answer by  withluck (1745)

The police can be involved if someone is trespassing and there are signs in place. This should be the last resort when dealing with a neighbor. Try talking to the neighbor and you may find that they do not even realize they are trespassing.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Set up a video camera or a still camera. Have video captured of her crossing onto your property. Then show the footage as proof of trespass. Since she keeps coming onto your property, file for harassment as well as trespass.


Answer by  Devin98 (487)

In this case, the only thing left to do is to speak to your local law enforcement regarding the issue as it is now a legal matter. They should be able to explain the law and advise her not to bother you in any way.


Answer by  Anonymous

shoot them


Answer by  mariaanna (0)

I am a tenant. My neighbor continues to cut thru my yard with his dog (not on a leash) or he just comes into the yard to "hang out." Two years ago his sister lived in this house so he thinks he has a right to be in the yard.

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