Question by  goingcrazy (2)

Is it legal to take snapshots of adults and children trespassing my property?

My new neighbors are renters who think my property is their own.


Answer by  malone (4817)

You can take photos to support your claims. You cannot publish photos without permission of those in the photos, but that's not an issue, given your purposes. Call the police for assistance.


Answer by  kamal1942 (21)

Yes! Taking photographs of the renters at the time of intruding the premises of the landlord does not voilate the privacy of the renters. it helps in highlighting the voitations and can be submitted as a valid proof in the court in case they do not stop this nuisance activity.After all the landlord too has the right to privacy.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Yes. If it is your property, you are allowed to take pictures of anyone on your property. You can also take pictures of the street view from your home. You should not take pictures of the inside of the homes of others. You can also take pictures of suspected damage they cause to your property, such as fences.

Reply by goingcrazy (2):
I appreciate all the responses received on my question. I didn't think it was wrong but of course someone was trying to tell me i was breaking the law,, I think you can easily figure out who was saying that.  add a comment
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