Question by  12yrmtgpro (21)

What can you tell me about my windows xp keyboard driver?

I need to know more about windows XP.


Answer by  Hasan72 (572)

In Windows XP there is no need of a keyboard driver. All the keyboards are generic as all the keyboards are same and that is why Windows XP has a generic driver. With this feature a keyboard can be plugged in to any computer and have instant access to it.


Answer by  Kit (558)

These drives enable your computer (Windows XP) to communicate with your keyboard. Without these drivers, the keyboard *may* not work.


Answer by  DreamScaper (354)

Drivers are the way your computer can connect with external devices, such as your keyboard. Since your keyboard is pretty generic, in that all keyboards are about the same, windows xp should have a generic driver so you can plug it in and have instant access to it. If you have a more fancy keyboard, you might need special drivers.


Answer by  Erick13 (24)

The driver is built-in to Windows XP. It should allow you to use any keyboard plugged into the computer after it detects it. Special keys may even be detected.


Answer by  allergictome (69)

Depending on your hardware configuration, you will find most keyboards to be Plug and Play compliant on Windows XP. To update your keyboard drivers, open Keyboard from your Control Panel.


Answer by  Kit (558)

If your keyboard is not being automatically detected by XP, and you're sure it's working - Yes, you need to install those drivers to use your Keyboard. For example Microsoft Office Keyboards, require drivers to uses Copy, Cut and Paste buttons. Drivers are programs that help Windows to communicate to your keyboard. You'd download for your Keyboard manufacturer.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Well you can install the driver through the software provided. But it basically makes your keyboard work the way it does.

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