Question by  Liz54 (103)

What are the common windows xp color schemes?

I want to know the color schemes for windows xp.


Answer by  hsf (35)

The common Windows XP color schemes are Brick, Desert, Eggplant, High Contrast, Lilac, Maple, Marine, Plum, Pumpkin, Rainy Day, Red/White/Blue, Rose, Slate, Spruce, Storm, Teal, Wheat, Windows Classic and Standard.


Answer by  mingxhin (188)

There are 3 different default Windows XP color schemes - blue, olive green and silver. There is another unofficial color scheme - black which can be downloaded.


Answer by  kala89 (14)

There are three types of commonly used color schemes in windows xp. The color schemes are olive green,silver and (default)blue colors.


Answer by  techman01876 (43)

The Common Color Schemes, which can be found under, Control Panel, Display Properties and then the Appearance Tab. The Default Ones are "Blue" (Default) Olive Green and Silver. You can change the Schemes by selecting the desired Choice from the Drop down menu and then hitting the Apply Button then the OK button.


Answer by  Atomicrayon (2504)

Your basic color schemes apply here. Of course all the primary and secondary color schemes are available ranging from Black to White, in addition they have multi-colored schemes and themes that range from a dark gray to even much brighter and lighter colors. You can also customize the color scheme manually or download some on line.


Answer by  Hasan72 (572)

Blue, Olive green and Silver are the default color schemes available with Windows XP. Color schemes can be changed by going thorough Display Properties and then the Appearance Tab. Customization can also be made by changing some preferences.


Answer by  Ann53 (92)

There typically three listed color schemes available on windows XP there's the default color is blue, and there two other colors witch are olive green, and silver.


Answer by  TheAnswerFairy (2345)

The only color scheme that is included on all versions of Windows XP is "energy blue. " The two other options on most versions are "silver" and "olive green"


Answer by  Kit (558)

By default, All versions of Windows XP pro SP1 to SP3, have 3 types of color schemes - Default blue, Silver and Oliver Green. Right Click in the desktop. Click Properties, then Click Apperance, and you'll see the color schemes list box.


Answer by  ilinde (23)

Windows XP provides by default a Blue color scheme. There are two additional or alternative color schemes, silver and Olive Green.

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