Question by  BrianSJ (524)

What tips can you give me for using wp5.1 on windows xp?

I am new to using wp5.1 on windows xp.


Answer by  NarenMukherjee (308)

Copy the WP51 folder from old computer to a zip/pen drive, and paste it under the C drive of the Windows XP computer then make a desktop shortcut, and clean up few check marks. It will work properly. Change the default font size. Keep a backup copy of registry.


Answer by  zzz (84)

It is not recommeded to use Word Perfect 5. 1 on Windows XP computers. Not only does is this piece of software unable to use long file names, better alternatives are available too.


Answer by  katha (41)

first system on and show users or administrator and user, system user select to user and login to desktop open application word or excel mediaplayer then word to use documentation usage and excel to use calculator and media player to use veiw video and here songs and system work complete then click shuddown system off


Answer by  cc79 (17)

Buy a Windows XP computer for WordPerfect for DOS, as Vista and Windows 7 have issues running DOS programs. Turn off timed backups. Close windows to boost performance during intensive tasks. If using graphics, such as for signatures, use the "Graphic on Disk" feature, and place the image file in your graphics directory.


Answer by  Kmanigandan (6)

Wp5.1 should run with virtually no problems under WinXP. The F5-F5 functionality doesn't work with NT/2000/XP. If any of your macros rely on that functionality, a workaround may be needed. Also, NTVDM is a CPU cycle hog. Other applications may bog down when WordPerfect is running.

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