Question by  adub (15)

What can I do if the power button won't push on a Gateway laptop?


Answer by  pv7721 (116)

If you want to power it down and it won't you can either apply a Shutdown from Windows, or unplug the power cord and remove the battery.


Answer by  emer30 (27)

Check if there is something stuck on the power button. Try to reseat the component the power button. Remove the battery, make sure nothing connected to the computer. connect power cable and try to restart the computer. No success, replace Motherboard.


Answer by  wigglewasp (781)

You can pry the button out and then use a pen or something to push the little rubber button in. But check your warranty and maybe they'll fix it.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

If a power button won't push on a gateway computer you could try to unplug the power cord for about a minute and then plug it back in and try to see if that reset the power button, otherwise you may need to service the computer.


Answer by  uRbAn (72)

Check whether the button turns the computer on or not. If it does, the button is just stuck. If it doesn't it could be hardware problem. Get tech support.


Answer by  Brian28 (33)

I would unplug the computer pop off the side cover and then pop off the front cover of the pc. Clean the computer, look for any sticky substances, try some compressed air to clean it out. If not you can buy a new power button for a couple dollars online.


Answer by  blaine00 (83)

The button could either be jammed of damaged. You could find out by removing the keyboard cover and checking, but this should be done by an expert.


Answer by  Me67 (77)

There is most likely a substance stuck in the crevices of the push button. Clean out the button with a Q-tip or something similar. If that does not fix the problem then there may be something wrong with the connection. Have the wires looked at to ensure there is enough contact.


Answer by  velmurugan (8)

if your trying to switch off your laptop by a normal process of shutdown will help by meanwhile your power button wont work means you may go for another option as just removing your battery from the laptop.

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