Question by  cannonball (111)

What can I do if my itunes just deleted itself?

I have had itunes for sometime now and for some reason it is no longer on my computer.


Answer by  bellambalu (17)

I think your computer has virus, due to that it has been deleted. Reinstalling the Itunes will probably solve the problem.


Answer by  Jimbob (2275)

The best way is to reinstall the disk that came with the product. It may be an old version but it will work on the apple device you connect it too. You can then update to new version online.


Answer by  Mufflerman (42)

Make sure that you checked everywhere on your hardrive. Make sure you check your C; Drive. If you really dont have it on your computer then you need to reinstall it. If you had songs that you had purchased then they should be saved on your membership. I hope that this has been helpul.


Answer by  Queen1990 (541)

You will need to scan your computer for malware and or, viruses or trojans. They are the sole reason for deletion of certain programs and so forth, as they can take over a computer and do whatever it pleases. You can just reinstall it and it should be there, but check your control panel to see if it was removed.


Answer by  Anonymous

the same thing happened to me. but i went to the apple site to redownload itunes and when i opened it after downloading it, all my music was there.. thank god.


Answer by  monoacuro (441)

I would try and re-download it and install it. If you still have all your music just put it all back into itunes and your ready to go again.


Answer by  Apk07 (31)

The easiest solution would be to first ensure it isn't in Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs (Or programs & features on Vista/7), then try re-downloading it from Apple's site.

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