Question by  gammack (14)

What does rebuffering stream mean on Itunes?

I would like to understand what rebuffering means on Itunes.


Answer by  timfarinholt (9)

Buffering is a process by which any streaming media is "preloaded". This allows for smooth playback. Rebuffering stream means Itunes is reloading the stream in order to prevent skipping.

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Had the same problem and seem to have solved it by making Itunes my
media player and cutting out the Window Media Player. Hope this helps.  add a comment

Answer by  bubbagump (94)

Rebuffering stream on Itunes means that you probably don't have enough bandwidth (electronic pipes that send page information to your computer). Your itunes browser is reorganizing the information in order to process it better.


Answer by  teoami (30)

There is a certain amount of data that it downloads before it will start playing media, this is called the "buffer". When the media plays faster than the buffer can fill, it will cause the media to pause and display the message "buffering" or "rebuffering". It is trying to download the data so that it can continue streaming the media.


Answer by  fred73 (39)

A rebuffering stream smooths out the music file to prevent it from skipping. As well it means itunes is not getting enough of the file to play continuously.


Answer by  jb8151211 (-1)

how do I fix it

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