Question by  soapjunkie (581)

Is here any method of restoring deleted videos on Motorola Q?

I accidentally deleted cell phone video.


Answer by  ShantelB (104)

Call your Phone Company and check to see if you have the back-up data plan. Some companies offer this as apart of your insurance package.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

There is no chance to get back a deleted video from a Motorola cell phone. As it uses a inbuilt flash memory and an external memory card. Both comes under category of flash memory. In this flash memory files once lost is lost for ever. It can't be retrieved as in the case of memory using sectors like harddisk.


Answer by  TechChick (12)

Unfortunately, unless you saved the video to a memory card or backed it up on a computer once an item is deleted from the phone it is deleted permanently.


Answer by  lmen91 (31)

There's no method to restore a deleted video from your phone unless you backed it up to a memory card or your phone. Many Cell Phone providers offer an upload service, where you can send pictures or videos taken with your phone and check them in your computer. I recommend doing that so it wont happen again.


Answer by  Balance2 (66)

Yes, there is a way to restore videos that were accidently deleted from your Motorola Q. If your computer recognizes your phone as a "drive", you can use a third party file recovery program to search for the file that you have deleted.

posted by Anonymous
Unfortunely i tried to use an undelet program but these program do not accept to undelete and restore data on a smartphone.  add a comment

Answer by  hahagal (983)

If you have a service that allow you to view the video online, you can get the video there. If not, then I am afraid there is nothing you can do once you deleted the video.

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