Question by  ultramar (23)

What can I do if I feel like I was given a demotion without cause?


Answer by  Milyca (41)

If you feel you have been unfairly demoted you should first address this, in a professional manner, with your supervisor. Express why you believe your current circumstance implies a demotion and ask for specific feedback regarding the reason for the decision and advice regarding how you might remedy the situation, if possible.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

First, you can talk to your boss and ask him directly. If you cannot get a direct answer, then you can ask to see your personnel file and see if there is anything in there that might have given them cause. If there is not, then you can file a grievance, but it might cost you your job.


Answer by  Turkwork (1150)

If your store has an open door I would approach your market HR or if you think it was discrimination you can make an eeoc complaint.


Answer by  Danny58 (19)

The best thing to do would be to talk to your Human Resources Managaer. He or She is trained to handle any issues between personnel.


Answer by  near2land (493)

Visit the Human Resources Department and request an organizational chart to determine where you fit in the organization. A representative of the HR Department is responsible to both the employee and employer and should answer questions about the position you've been placed in. You may want to file a grievance.

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