Question by  parrotman1 (20)

What can I do if I am desperate for college money?

I need money for college quickly.


Answer by  patti (29325)

It is difficult if not impossible to finance higher education "quickly. " Financing college takes a lot of planning, saving and investment over many years. If you have not applied for financial aid, complete a FAFSA at www. fafsa. edu. com You may be eligible for a student loan as well. Other options include working your way through school, which is what many do.


Answer by  LansberryLanguage (19)

First, you should go to your college's Financial Aid office and apply for Financial Aid. There are counselors there to help you through the process. You usually can begin attending even if the funds haven't arrived yet. You don't pay the loans back until after graduation.


Answer by  Jill13 (263)

There are many website available which allow you to secure scholarships for college. Financial Aid may also be available from the federal government.


Answer by  imanticajon (130)

If you have enough unliquidated resources as collateral, then you may apply for a loan which you can pay later after you earn your college degree. You may also work part-time in restaurants and do odd jobs to help support your education. If you're athletic, try to get in on a scholarship for playing in the school sports team.

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