Question by  wadegiles (19)

What can I do if I am being accused of adultery with someone I had no contact with?

I had no contact with the lady I am being accused of adultery with.


Answer by  jmcew (139)

Who is accusing you of adultery? If it is your own wife, you need to have a serious talk with her about your relationship. If it is the "lady's" husband, you may want to cut off all contact with them, or even file a restraining order if the harassment continues.


Answer by  whitekeys (112)

I think the right thing to do is to start investigating the claims. Who is accusing you and why, if you know there is no truth, look for a motive.


Answer by  sini (34)

Among the world religious, adultery and fornication are generally considered as major sins. but it is increasing in world. Try to avoid repeating iy. Not good for health also. We need mistresses for our pleasure.

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