Question by  ActingRogue (13)

What can I do for an infected tattoo?


Answer by  shoog (38)

First I would try Neosporin, a salve for infections on the skin. Soaking the infected area in warm salty water a couple of times a day can do wonders. If all of this fails, hte infection may be severe enough to see a doctor. In most cases that I have seen the wateer and salve work.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

See a Plastic surgeon asap. Dr will excise the infected tissue, start antibiotics. Change the bandage diligently every day. There is no other way to handle this situation.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

This should be looked at by a doctor. He can tell you if it's infected by a needle or a staph infection. Do not call the tattoo parlow for help.


Answer by  niki (111)

if your body tattoo get infected then one can use antiseptic cream on it like antifungul or antibacterial cream. it is depends on the type of the infection. avoid the food which contain vitamin C and those which are very fermented. if blood is coming then one should go for doctor for dressing it with cotton.

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