Question by  Meg (224)

What can I do for a scratched cornea?


Answer by  Qadoc (37)

You can use a sterile saline rinse to help soothe the irritated corneal area. You can also try some antibiotic ointment. If it is really bad, you should go to the eye doctor to get some antiobiotic ointment. Do not wear your contacts if you use them.


Answer by  Echo (229)

When you recognize the symptoms of a scratched cornea flush the eye with water immediately and put a cold compress on it to reduce the swelling. Then go to the doctor to check for an abrasion. They will probably prescribe and antibiotic. Good news, your eye should heal quickly with the proper care.


Answer by  Belle (75)

Call your eye doctor and make an appointment asap; in the meantime flush your eye with water, at least twice, then place a cold compress on your eye.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

The best thing to do for a scratched cornea is to rest the eye. Wear an eye patch and avoid bright lights.

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