Question by  yoshi1hero (11)

What can I do about the chest congestion from allergies?


Answer by  njeri (142)

Find out from your doctor what specifically you are allergic to since different people react to different allergens. It is important to avoid the allergens as well as take your medication as prescribed.


Answer by  maritzae (49)

Take some antihistamine medicine such as Loratadine or Chlorpheniramine. I used respiratory therapy with salbutamol twice a day , or you can use Ventolin inhaler three times a day. Try to rest as it's posible, drink a lot of water. I've tried shaking may hands until they get warm and then put them on my chest. It works to me.


Answer by  Zoe (2369)

There are a number of over the counter medicines for allergies like Claritin you can use for allergies. For serious chest congestion I might recommend talking to a doctor about it but I believe there is now a type of Tylenol that helps with congestion now. Check around and see which areas medicines claim to help with.


Answer by  bouks999 (496)

Well what i use is cough suppresant. I also like using Thera Flu. It seems to clear my chest right up.

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