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Question by  Anonymous

What can I do about puffy eyes?


Answer by  kat27 (31)

If you frequently suffer from puffy eyes, especially after waking up in the morning, you should prepare the night before by putting two spoons in the refridgerator. In the morning, take these cold spoons out, and place them on the bags under your eyes, and hold there for 5-10 minutes.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

If you have time, the best thing to do is lie down for a while. Let you head be as flat as comfortable. Close you eyes and sleep or listen to calming music. Otherwise, you can put cold compresses on your eyes for the time you have avialable. Drink plenty of fluids also.


Answer by  OceanTiara (158)

To reduce puffiness around the eyes, one can lay cool teabags on each eye for around 10 minutes or so or alternatively one can use cool cucumber slices. If none of these are on hand, wet and squeeze out a face cloth in first as hot as you can stand water, lay on the eyes, then cold water to remedy.


Answer by  cammieo (169)

To get rid of puffy eyes, wrap a damp washcloth around ice and then hold it on your eyes for as long as you can stand. The cold will help the swelling. If puffy eyes are a constant problem keep a spoon in the freezer and apply to eyes as needed. Cucumbers help too.

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