Question by  Hatsa (29)

What can I do about my dog's sebaceous cysts?


Answer by  dogfancier (201)

Sebaceous cysts are more unsightly than dangerous. You can ignore the cysts or, if they continue to grow and become painful, they can be surgically removed by your veterinarian. Some have reported that placing a heating pad on the cyst can shrink it, this can sometimes make the infection worse though.


Answer by  dcbuis85 (267)

In most cases these cysts are harmless and require no treatment. If the cyst is located in an area or grows to a size that your dog cannot be as active as before you can have a simple surgical procedure done to remove the entire cyst. This may also be recommended if the cyst becomes infected.


Answer by  Allie15 (25)

These are fairly common, and what to do about them depends on how serious they are. Many resolve themselves, but others may burst. Your vet can provide antibiotics as well as surgically remove the cysts, but it depends on how serious the condition is and what funds can you feel comfortable investing in the issue.


Answer by  ofnik (409)

This is a benign cyst that contains sebum, there for it is not life threatening and is a common finding in animals. There are two options that can be taken into account: the first is to leave as it is, and the second one is to have it surgically removed.


Answer by  mynameisglory (61)

A sebaceous cyst is usually harmless but should be checked by a Vet. A biopsy may be done to check for abnormalities or a fine needle aspiration of the cells maybe taken. Cyst should be observed and all changes should be reported to the Vet.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

You should take your dog to a vet and see what they recommend. If the cysts are causing your dog discomfort the vet may be able to drain them or remove them. If the cysts don't seem to be causing any harm you can probably leave them and just keep an eye on them.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Sebaceous cysts can be pretty disgusting, but you do have to deal with them. You or your vet can gently express the cyst to keep swelling, odor and other irritation to a minimum. Keep the area clean and dry. If the cyst is large or becomes infected, it may have to be surgically removed.


Answer by  sandyriley (109)

Sebaceous cysts on a dog are not harmful. They are not cancerous and the only time they might become a problem is if they grow too large and interfere in some way with the dog's daily activities.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Contact your vet and ask them they will be much more able to tell you than anyone on here. Or you can do a search of the net and see whats there you can get yourself some really good information by doing a web search and you can search anything you want to and find information on it.

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