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Question by  calcutta (168)

Can I eat the skin of Kiwi fruit?

My friend says she eats Kiwi skin all the time - is it OK to do that?


Answer by  penrose (235)

Yes, go ahead and eat the whole Kiwi. It's good for you, and very tasty. The stems can be a little tough, so you might want to trim those sections, but otherwise, you should eat everything else.


Answer by  onecrore (196)

I know someone that grows kiwi commercially, and he says that if you eat the skin you better wash it VERY well, because most farmers use a lot of pesticide on them. They assume that people are going to remove the skin, so they are very generous with the chemicals.


Answer by  Cubberley (69)

You can eat the skin, but a really easy way to avoid it is to eat a kiwi by cutting it in half and then scooping out bites with a spoon. This technique makes it really easy to get all the flesh without any of the skin.

Reply by tschebyshev (252):
I experimented with your technique and I really like it. I tried cutting the kiwi the long way and the short way, and the short way is definitely superior. You end up with two, easy-to-hold cups that are easy to scoop the flesh out of.  add a comment

Answer by  udaipur (219)

I have always eaten the whole Kiwi - I didn't realize that some people even cut it off - why would they do that, its delicious. Do you also peel your apples?


Answer by  Krabi (112)

Kiwi fruit skin is completely edible, and in fact it is desirable to eat because it is full of antioxidants. The skin also has lots of fiber - try it, you will probably like it.


Answer by  Tolbukhin (78)

Yes! you absolutely can eat the skin of Kiwis. Just wash it thoroughly and you are good to go. Although it seems like it would be tough and strange to eat because its furry... but in reality, it's really fine.


Answer by  phammy (33)

The kiwifruit is the edible berry of a woody vine. The dull brown fibrous skin is edible and rich in vitamins and other nutrients. It does not have much taste and is fuzzy, therefore most people do not consider it palatable. This fruit is native to the South of China.


Answer by  Taz (193)

Yes the kiwi skin can be eated, but you must wash it before eating it because there are lots of bacteria from people touching them at the market.

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