Question by  puella22 (160)

What can I do about calf pain when I am running?


Answer by  gleverance (720)

Start your run slowly and build speed as you go. You may also check your shoes, they may need to be replaced. Do some light stretching before you begin. The Runners World website has some good tips for stretches before running, as well as other ideas to help ease muscle aches.


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Answer by  Anonymous

Do some good stretching and warm ups before you start to run. Also, get some appropriate running shoes to ease the tension. While you are running and experiencing calf pain, slow down to stretch a little. Don't over-exert your muscles and tendons.


Answer by  Jim12 (18)

Pain in the calves white you are running is natural. Your muscles need time to adapt to running. You can warm-up your muscles prior to running, then stretch the calves. After running, apply a cold compress for a few minutes at a time, up to 15 minutes.


Answer by  Josh (12)

They easiest way to relieve the calf pains, is to take a break from running, when you return be sure to stretch before and after and drink plenty of water.

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