Question by  Missy10 (26)

What can I do about joint pain from running?

I don't want to give up running.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

I would recommend giving your body a break for about a week. In addition, there are some pain relievers which might help.


Answer by  worker3742 (208)

I'm assuming that your pain is coming in from your joints. First throw away your shoes. Run bare foot. If you are running long distance go and learn how to do POSE learning. Finally, run on the grass all the time.


Answer by  worker857333 (96)

Your shoes may be at issue if you have a lot of joint pain. Try going to a specialty running store and getting shoes that are better for your feet. Otherwise fish oil is known to reduce joint pain. You can get it at Wal-Mart, you should take at least one pill a day.


Answer by  kmott (188)

Pain is a signal from the body that there is something wrong, so ignoring it potentially leads to more serious injury and greater health risks. The best way to treat joint pain is with a proper combination of rest and light manipulation of the affected area. Ice the area, too.


Answer by  Kurt (4579)

The best way to relieve joint pain from running is to avoid running on hard surfaces. If possible, run on softer surfaces that does not cause as much impact on your knees. This may include running tracks that are made of special materials instead of running on concrete sidewalks.


Answer by  Mallika (449)

I say running is a good exercise. You may get relief from joint pains after running. Starting you may feel tired. But don't stop if you take rest frequently while running the pain will increase. First you decide the miles to run and just do it. The best time to run is early in the morning.

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