Question by  johnny46 (16)

What can I do about a springtail infestation?


Answer by  RabbitPacker (110)

To get rid of springtail fleas, which are harmless but can be disturbing to homeowners, first eliminate any moist areas in your house, which will reduce the mold and fungus they feed on. Before resorting to insecticides, try washing the area several times with vinegar or chlorine bleach and water.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

The most effective way to avoid springtail infestation is to keep your place dry and not moist as this kind of pest loves moisture. If you would use chemical treatment, do not just confine it in the inside of the house but also the source where the pest originated.


Answer by  snoopy2007200 (70)

Springtails are a nuciance!! Controlling them can be actually quite easy. I had an infestationa nd i stopped watering my plants. They either migrated somewhere new or all of them dies off! However if that does not nwork there is a pesticide called Viper and it works really well!


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

They like damp and dust, so keep place clean and dry. Spray them with natural substances like soap and water, vinegar, or bleach.


Answer by  Jakecutter (1819)

You can rid yourself of these pets by drying out the damp areas of your home first. This will also reduce the fungus in these areas which these insects thrive on.

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