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Question by  Tattoorick (17)

How can you rid your home of springtails?

I have some in my house and need to get rid of them now.


Answer by  Conjurer (53)

In order to get rid of springtails you must first be sure to remove the moist, damp environment in which they thrive. They will likely move from one damp area to another, however, in which case you should locate their nest and then apply Bifen. If they are found inside the home, Delthamin dust should be applied.


Answer by  bdbolin (167)

There a few different ways to get rid of springtails. Vinegar will work, but you may have to use it multiple times in order to get all of them. Soap and water and bleach will also work. You can also use commercial insecticides, and of course, limit the humidity in your home to prevent them from returning.


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

There are many commercially available insectisides which can control springtails. Failing that, warm soapy water, vinegar, lemon juice and/or diluted laundry bleach will kill them. Frequent, thorough cleaning of the infected areas can insure that they don't come back later. Improving ventilation in the affected area, if possible, will also help.


Answer by  melvinsudeer49 (0)

Those things are annoying you need to treat it like you have you need a product call Permethrin, or Deltamethrin. You will prob. not find this at home depot.

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