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Question by  caringguy (40)

How do you replace a belt on a Troy Built lawn mower?

I need to replace a belt on my Troy Built lawn mower.


Answer by  Sky75 (216)

To replace the deck belt on a troybilt you need to lower the deck and route to belt around the quills and to the engine. Replace deck and everything should work fine.


Answer by  jmills0516 (15)

You have to remove two bolts under the lawn mower body which holds the top cover over the drive belt. Remove the belt guard that is around the pulley on the crank shaft. Work the belt around the blade and off the drive pulley. Reverse to replace the belt.


Answer by  alishak (53)

Your best option is to take it into an authorized dealer who can order the specific part for your model and install it professionally. If you chose to do it yourself please make sure to go online or find your manual for a full diagram and step by step directions to follow.

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