Question by  tasquire (29)

Why do I have numbness down my arm and into my finger?


Answer by  worker22 (32)

You may have a pinched nerve in your shoulder, neck, or back due to an injury. Usually swelling will cause a pinched nerve. Try taking an anti inflammatory like Tylenol, and ice it up and if you're still experiencing numbness, go to to the doctor. If the numbness is in your left arm, you may have a heart condition.


Answer by  Cheryll (152)

Complain of numbness in arms down to fingers might be a symptoms of cardiovascular diseases like Myocardial infarction and stroke or in medical term it is Cerebrovascular disease. These symptoms are accompanied by headache and pain on the nape area. If the person suffers this symptoms, he or she needs to consult to doctor for immediate medical attention.


Answer by  etweedie (107)

You might have a cervical herniation in your neck. This type of problem causes radicular (radiating) pain and/or numbness into your hands, fingers, arms, etc.


Answer by  craig24 (48)

To the best of my limited medical knowledge, your symptoms are frequently related to someone who is experiencing a heart attack. Seek medical attention!

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