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Question by  Jen85 (17)

What can cause feet swelling and a rash on my legs?


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

Poison Ivy is a culprint for swelling and a rash on your legs. IF the rash is getting worse and itches, it is most likely due to this cause. I would check with the doctor and get a prescription for treatment quickly as it takes a few weeks to clear.


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

High blood pressure can cause feet swelling and a rash on legs. Diabetics commonly have this condition as well. Another culprit is lymphedema.


Answer by  worker5534 (518)

One type of mosquito called filariosis flave virus mosquito bits and inject through its tupe like needle like mouth. The filariosis virous may causes the swelling and a rash in the legs are called elephantasis. Other causes is the typical insect bite may cause feet swelling and a rash in your legs.


Answer by  blue25 (346)

If you are allergic to something,check your doctor. Or insect bits, like spider or mosquitoes. Even some plants, just getting scratch by an infected branch of leaf

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