Question by  Natalie94 (14)

What are your favorite Babyface songs?


Answer by  Skunex (15)

Love saw it, It's no crime, Love makes things happen, Give u my heart, (Always be my)Sunshine, How come how long, This is for the lover in you, Never keeping secrets and Every time i close my eyes.


Answer by  jadewood (95)

Omg Im a huge fan some of my favorites are ''Whip appeal'' ,''Wonderful tonight'',''Tender lover'' ,I also like the song he did with Eric Clapton ''Change the world'' and the song he did with stevie wonder ''how come how long'' and my all time favorite Babyface song would have to be ''You make me feel brand new''.


Answer by  DevinTheDude1984 (24)

"The Cool In You" is one of my favorite songs. Stefan Urkel danced to it in Family Matters. I also like "There She Goes" where he does the Babyface clap.


Answer by  Shella (20)

My favorite Babyface songs are Every Time I Close My Eyes and I Love You Babe. I love Babyface's smooth tunes.

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