Question by  Marati (24)

How do I print out a list of my favorites on Windows XP?

I would like to print out a list of my favorites so that I may begin the process of eliminating ones that I no longer use.


Answer by  Charlton (192)

Export favorities from IE File > Import and Export... Then load to editor, like Word and print it out. Then, you will have to propably cut it by scissors, easier is just to save it instead of print it.


Answer by  Halgali (62)

Open IE, Go to File, Select Import and Export, Select Export to a file, Select Favorites, Select Location, Click Finish, Go to the Location where you had saved the file, Open the file which will open in a browser window, Go to File and give the print command.


Answer by  rina89 (9)

You just need to click the printer symbol on your monitor (microsoft offices) or for the old Windows XP, just click File, then choose Print. You can choose the setting for your margins, paper, etc.


Answer by  Alyaron (233)

If you're using Internet Explorer, click on "File", then "Import/Export", "Export to a file", "Favorites", and enter the file you want to export your favorites to. Then, click on "Export" and open the file you just created. Just print out this file and you're done!


Answer by  Prakash (55)

Open My Favorites in full screen mode. Press Print Screen button(Prt Scr) (next to Scroll Lock) in your keyboard. In my case it is Logitech keyboard. Then Open Paint or MS Word. Press CTRL Key + V (Paste). That's it you have done. Then press CTRL+ P to Print (After saving the file).


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

From Internet Explorer select 'Import and Export' then select 'Export Favorites'. Select your favorites folder and then export to your C drive. Then select where you saved it and print.


Answer by  AnitaAnil (17)

Go to option "File" in menu bar -"Import Export" -"Export to File" -"Favorites", List of Favorites 'll be displayed select location to save Goto location open saved file and Print


Answer by  ianlimpitlawaolcom (61)

Select 'Import and Export... ' from the 'File' menu in Internet Explorer. This will open a wizard that is easy to follow to export an '. htm' file of your favorites that can be printed from nearly anything.


Answer by  Brandon55 (1719)

In the documents and settings folder you will find another folder titled Favorites. You can open that folder and do a screen capture, or hit details and go through it.


Answer by  gokulitechinfo (0)

Choose "File" - "Import and Export". The "Import/Export Wizard" dialog box appears, click the "Next" button. Select "Export Favorites", then click "Next". Select "Export to a File or Address". Enter "C:\favorites. htm". Click "Next" and then "Finish" then "OK". Enter "C:\favorites. htm" and press ENTER. Select "File" - "Print". Select the "General" tab. Press the "Print" button to print list of favorites.


Answer by  REMYA (9)

In the computer their is an option for print. Select the list of my favorites and save. Set the printer connection in the system. After that give the selected things and choose those which we wanted and give the pages we want and give print hence we get.

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