Question by  elsewhen (627)

What are you wearing, right now?


Answer by  bassgrrl (12)

Leopard print flannel pajama pants and a concert t-shirt I stole from my boyfriend.


Answer by  clorede1 (37)

Blue sweat pants and an Indiana Hoosiers t-shirt. no shoes, no socks.


Answer by  Jenn (116)

Right now, I'm wearing my horrible work uniform. There are brown shoes, navy blue polyester pants, a white and blue polyester striped blouse, and a vest that makes me look like a 1970's stewardess. I have an old pair of bright blue knee socks on because it was freezing this morning, now they are just warm and itchy.


Answer by  DrDon (25)

I am wearing a blue and yellow plaid shirt, with a little bit of pink in it. I am also wearing navy blue cuffed pants, a dark brown belt and dark brown shoes. My socks are a navy and gray stripe, and I am wearing dark red knit boxers.


Answer by  Angel (44)

I am wearing a pair of blue jeans with butterflies on them, and a powder blue v-necked shirt. Along with a pair of blue flowered slip on sandals. That is about it....Well, besides 5 rings, 1 necklace, and 2 earrings:-) Along with a smile:=)


Answer by  lindsay (111)

Lime green tank top, black cotton skirt, black flip flops. Also my karma necklace, earrings and glasses.


Answer by  elsewhen (627)

I am wearing, wool socks, tan hiking pants and a navy blue sweater.

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