Question by  katie15 (62)

What are typical teen male issues?

My son will soon be a teen and I want to be ready.


Answer by  johnresa (2455)

The biggest things that teen males have to deal with are problems with girls, self-esteem, sex, independence. and fitting in. There are others but those are the most common.


Answer by  jtpaag (473)

Be prepared to spend less time talking about his friends, particularly girls, privacy will become an issue. He is going to want to start asserting his independence. You will see a marked concern for his physique and grooming. He may go through phases while he searches for the right 'look'; such as Goth attire and various hair styles.


Answer by  kaczyy7 (12)

The main problem of male teenagers are pimples and girls. The big problem is the lack of money for the purchase of items such as clothes and other gadgets that we like.


Answer by  Beth96 (25)

Typical teen males often have issues when it comes to thier masculinity. Male teens often feel that they "must" have experience with girls or else they won't fit in.

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